ParaLily Update #2: MAGFest is only a few days away! Oh boy! We are super excited to be showing ParaLily at MAGFest in just a few days! Which means crunch time for our two dev indie team . We really want to put our best foot forward for ParaLily’s first major event. Our goal is to sneak in some new enemies, and maybe even a new level in these last few days before the event. Back in early September we showcased ParaLily briefly at AVGC, and got a lot of great feedback that we used to improve the game. Here’s a before and after screenshotRead More →

ParaLily Update #1: Things are just getting started! ParaLily has been in development for just a little while and we have a long road ahead of us! We are constantly working on improving the game and adding more content. That being said: Art assets for the game are still preliminary. Game play is constantly undergoing adjustment. This website is also a work in progress and will receive regular updates with the progress of the game. A Dev Log is on the way! Contact info and press kit are in the works as well. Check back for further updates! Thank you, ParaLily Dev Team Nate &Read More →