TooManyGames is right around the corner, and we figured it’s about time for an update. To kick things off how about a little science expierment. What do you get when you cross a pig with a bat? Sure you want to know? Hopefully that’s everything you were imagining, and more. These little suckers charge at you with full speed, and for no reason other than to chew your face off. Seriously, they don’t even have bellies! Can’t possibly be that hungry. We had a blast implementing these pig bats, and we can’t wait to get some play tester feedback on this one! We’ve also increasedRead More →

ParaLily Update #4: Improving Level Design with Player Analytics and Heatmaps In our last update we showed a bunch of Player Analytics that we collected from MAGFest including playtime, death variations, levels beaten, etc. Now we’d like to share how we collected, summarized, and utilized all that data to help improve ParaLily. As a two man team we spend a lot of time not only designing and creating ParaLily, but also playing testing, ParaLily. Unfortunately all that testing really skews our perception of difficulty within the game. In order to combat this we have to let people test our game and see for ourselves whereRead More →

ParaLily Update #3: MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase! We’re still making our way through all the feedback from our busy weekend showcasing ParaLily at the MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS)! There were over 60 games at MIVS this year, and boy were there some good ones! Our booth neighbors were 2D platformer Splitty Robot and a 3D surrealist world torn between dimensions called Desolus. We also got to catch up with our friends from Heavy Key Studios who were showcasing their ninja stealth fighting game Blind Blades, and got to play a hilarious game of DOBOTONE with our friends from Red Essence Games who were showcasingRead More →

ParaLily Update #2: MAGFest is only a few days away! Oh boy! We are super excited to be showing ParaLily at MAGFest in just a few days! Which means crunch time for our two dev indie team . We really want to put our best foot forward for ParaLily’s first major event. Our goal is to sneak in some new enemies, and maybe even a new level in these last few days before the event. Back in early September we showcased ParaLily briefly at AVGC, and got a lot of great feedback that we used to improve the game. Here’s a before and after screenshotRead More →

ParaLily Update #1: Things are just getting started! ParaLily has been in development for just a little while and we have a long road ahead of us! We are constantly working on improving the game and adding more content. That being said: Art assets for the game are still preliminary. Game play is constantly undergoing adjustment. This website is also a work in progress and will receive regular updates with the progress of the game. A Dev Log is on the way! Contact info and press kit are in the works as well. Check back for further updates! Thank you, ParaLily Dev Team Nate &Read More →